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Tyler: I just love the Cornbury Zoo. The monkeys, the rhinos, the weird smells lingering in the air. [long inhale]

Zenblock: [as Rob] You call this a zoo? Where are the mongards? Where are the adorable glormweasels?

Memnock: [as Bob] And where are the churros?

Shope: Right here.

Roach: It's deep-fried sugary goodness.

Zenblock: Nonono. On our planet, a churro is a snarling beast with three heads and four butts.

Memnock and Zenblock: [chomp]

Zenblock: Oh, and unbelievable!

Memnock: This is all I wanna eat for the rest of my life! [chomping loudly]

Zenblock: Now, what's a goat?

[goats bleating]

Memnock: Don't even think about it, goat.

Roach: Hello, Mr. Goat. I'm sorry we don't have food for you and--


Roach: Okay. Nobody look at my butt.

Tyler: Hey, where'd Kevin go?

Kevin: Check it! I have weird backward knees. Wild, right?

Memnock: Are we done? Because besides these life-changing churros, this zoo is...

Zenblock: Bo-ring! Monorail.

Memnock and Zenblock: Monorail!

Memnock: Nothing reminds us more of a childhood on Sector 81-23!

Tyler: Then let's have some super Earth zoo monorail fun!

Roach: Wheeeee!

[whistle blows]

Zenblock: I hate this zoo!

Memnock: This is nothing like the amazing have-to-ride-it-to-believe-it monorail at the intergalactic space zoo.

Kevin: Wait. There's a space zoo?!

Tyler: With like, crazy space animals?

Shope: And you let us waste our day looking at boring, regular Earth animals?

Roach: When we could've been at the...

Noobs: Space zoo!

Shope: Okay, remember we're parked in Glormweasel!

Tyler: First, we need to see the razor-toothed Stratapus.

Kevin: [imitates buzzer] We need to hit the zero gravity Splortha Stunt Show Spectacular!

Roach: Aww. And look at this little guy.


Roach: Ha! This time I brought extra pants.


Roach: Okay, nobody look at my butt.

Zenblock: [normal form] Yeah, okay. You Noobs go nuts. We're going to ride the monorail to relive our childhoods!

Memnock: And then we'll ride it again and again and again and again and again!

Tyler: Okay, gang. Let's zoo it!

Kevin: You did not just say that.

Tyler: Yeah, I did.

Shope: OMG. The glormweasels are so cute!

Roach: Aww, and look at this one. [baby talk] He doesn't want my pants. Do you?

Shope: That's a shrub.

Roach: I'm gonna call him Steve.

Mr. Rosby: Well hello, everyone! Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Mr. Rosby, owner of this intergalactic zoo! [chuckles] Say, you wouldn't happen to be Earth humans, would you?

Kevin: Not always. This morning, I was a flamingo.

Mr. Rosby: [laughing]

Shope: Okay. It wasn't that funny.

Mr. Rosby: Oh, uh, it's just that we've never had Earth humans visit before. Say, how 'bout I give you... the Very Important Humans tour!

Noobs: [cheer]

Mr. Rosby: And is anyone else with your Earth party?

Roach: Just our two alien trainers, but they're obsessively riding the monorail.

Mr. Rosby: Oh! Then I will personally make sure they have a monorific ride!


Roach: Okay, nobody look at my butt!

Memnock: You know who has the greatest job in the world?

Memnock and Zenblock: The monorail conductor!

Zenblock: He gets to drive the monorail, blow the monorail horn, and I so want to meet him!

Memnock and Zenblock: [excited chatter]

Mr. Monorail: All... aboard?

Memnock: Heh. Hi, Mr. Monorail. We are huge fans!

Zenblock: Please, please let us blow the whistle!

Mr. Monorail: Sure thing!

Mr. Rosby: Attention, "conductor", this is Mr. Rosby. Commence our exclusive "Monorail Ride" for our guests from Earth.

Mr. Monorail: Sure thing!


[whirring and clunking]

Zenblock: Ooh, VIPs get extra locks on their doors!

Memnock: And a force field!

Zenblock: Yay! Force field monorail!

Mr. Rosby: Here we have the Mongards.

Mongard: [roars]

Mr. Rosby: And what space zoo would be complete without some churros?

Churro: [roars]

Tyler: Okay. Might never eat a churro again.

Churro: [growls]

Mr. Rosby: But I think you're really gonna like this new habitat!


Noobs: [various awes]

Shope: That's weird. They let the animals have cameras?

Mr. Rosby: Welcome to the Intergalactic Space Zoo's first ever... Earth Human exhibit!

[cameras flashing]

Kevin: What?!

Shope: Okay. Never trust a dude with a top hat and four arms.

Tyler: And never trap four humans who have battleballs!

Kevin: Blaster mode!


Noobs: [scream]

Shope: Force fields. But we do not panic. For when our trainers see us trapped, they will save us from this crazy guy!

Mr. Rosby: Oh-ho. Notice how the strange humans shout for their friends, who are currently on the monorail!

Memnock and Zenblock: Monorail!

Aliens: Ooooh...

Mr. Rosby: [quietly chuckles] And who are never getting off.

Memnock: Oh, the fun! How can this ride get any better?!

Mr. Rosby: Attention, conductor. Commence "VIP Happy Fun Monorail Guest Safety..." [sinisterly] Restraints.

Mr. Monorail: Sure thing!

[metal clanking]

Zenblock: It can get better!

Aliens: Ooooh...

Noobs: [growl]

Kevin: Okay. If blaster mode and Mem and Zen can't break us out, perhaps my gorilla arms will!


Kevin: [groans] Nope. No, they didn't.

Tyler: Well, if nothing can break through the force field, then I'll just teleport around it.

[teleportation zaps]


Aliens: Ooooh...

Tyler: [groans] Okay, let's face it. Our battleballs can't get us outta here.

Shope: There has to be some way to shut it off.

Roach: [sighs] How I long for the petting zoo and Steve and the adorable glormweasels and whatever that zookeeper's serving and no force fields.

Tyler: Which is why we have to get Kevin transferred to the petting zoo.

Shope: Um, how? And who in the universe would wanna pet Kevin?

Kevin: She's right.

Tyler: Not Kevin the human, but Kevin the cute and adorable glormweasel.

Shope: And all he has to do is dash to the zoo's central command tiki hut and shut down the force fields!

Kevin: Yeah, one problem! I don't do cute.

Tyler: You have to be cute to get us out of here! Now be cute!

Kevin: [mumbles]

Zookeeper: Here, humans. Here's your slop. Whoa. What are you doing in here, cute and fluffy animal? Eh, you should be in the petting zoo.

Roach: Ooh, human slop!

Tyler: Don't eat that.

Memnock and Zenblock: Monorail!

Kevin: [high-pitched] Ahh. I'm cute, I'm so cute. [normal voice] And now I run! Tiki hut, tiki hut. Gotta find that power station tiki hut! Okay. Now to sneak in and shut off the force field like a super spy cute ninja. Or... Earth elephant comin' through! [trumpets]


Kevin: Smash! Smashy smash! Smash smash smash!

[Super Noobs battle theme]

[force fields die down]

Mongard: [roars]

Shope: I don't believe it. Kevin did it.

Tyler: Nice job!

Kevin: Yeah. I freed everyone else, too.

[elephant trumpet]

[tiger growl]

[various animal noises]

Shope: Very thoughtful.

Roach: And now, we have two very important aliens to save.

Tyler: Right. Mem and Zen are still trapped on the monorail!

Memnock and Zenblock: Monorail!

Roach: Oh, yeah. I was talking about Space Goat and Steve the Shrub. Okay, now we can go.

Mr. Rosby: Stop those humans! This is my zoo, and I am responsible for maintaining these animals and keeping them safe! Now, blast them!

Tyler: Hold me.

[teleportation zaps]

[animals and aliens screaming]

Tyler: Okay. We have to stop that monorail and free Mem and Zen!

Memnock and Zenblock: [screaming]

Shope: Then it's time to turn that monoride into a thrill ride!

[electrical zaps]

Memnock and Zenblock: Monorail!


Zenblock: That was the best ride ever!


Zenblock: What the heck?

Mr. Rosby: Get them, get them, get them!

Memnock: Whoa, what'd you do?!

Tyler, Shope, and Kevin: Saved your lives!

Memnock: Oh. Thanks.

Zenblock, Memnock, and the Noobs: [panting]

Zenblock: Quick. Get into the Galacticus.

Mr. Rosby: Blast them!

[stampede, animal noises]

Mr. Rosby: Wait! Come back! Without those animals, I'm ruined!

Kevin: Okay. Let's never go back to that zoo again.

Roach, Tyler, and Shope: Done.

Tyler: And I'm glad we freed those alien animals. Who wants to be stuck in a cage?

Memnock: Yeah, but...

Zenblock: Now they're all stuck in the Galacticus!


Memnock: Okay, nobody look at our butts.