When Good Noobs Go Bad is the sixteenth episode overall of Super Noobs and the sixteenth episode of the season.


Roach's battleball malfunctions, transforming him into an evil super villain bent on dominating the Earth.


The scene starts in the Galacticus with the Noobs in their battlesuits and Tyler asks why they were wearing helmets that they cannot see anything, and Mem states that besides their eyes and fists, they must feel the battle and fighting with their minds. Roach agrees on Mem and Zen's training approach, but Zen ignored Roach's complement. Zenblock activated a device that simulates attack, and the Noobs, unaware because of the helmets, got everyone hurt. 

Roach's battleball started to malfunction, and it went to a berserk state, causing him to destroy the attack robot and hurting Tyler, Shope and Kevin. Zenblock pressed Roach's battleball to stop from hurting everyone again, while Memnock took Roach's helmet. Roach asked how did they do, the Galacticus is wrecked and the three are hurt.

Mem and Zen performed first-aid to Tyler, Shope and Kevin, and Shope is angered about what is happening to him. Zenblock says that Roach's battleball has an occasional malfunction and turned the carrier evil. Tyler asks where is the Roach, and Mem and Zen directed them to a device room, where the Roach is, and Roach is tied up. Memnock explains to Tyler, Shope and Kevin about the malfunctions of the Green battleball. Zenblock asked them to report any evil activity.

The Noobs are in Tyler's House, with Tyler, Shope and Kevin, in the battlesuits giving a suspicious look to Roach. Roach asks what's going on with them, but the three gave false statements. Roach spat pretzel at Kevin, stating that he was choking on it. Roach suggests them to go to his house. Then, the three start to overreact about Roach's strange behavior, causing to slice Roach's flowers, to his dismay, as he needed those to practice magic. Kevin felt bad, and he said sorry on behalf of them. Roach suggests to grab food and drinks, as their way of making up to him. Then, Tyler, Shope, and Kevin went to the basement, feeling scared again, only turning out Roach's playing with his voice-modulating microphone, and goes to his garage afterwards. The three finally stopped overreacting on him, and Shope suggests to go home.

They went to Roach's garage, still suspicious on his behavior. Shope electrocuted Roach, as Kevin suggested. Roach is hurt, asking what is wrong, and he says that he is in the garage to practice for his school play, and he made his own throne. Then, Roach's battleball started to malfunction, causing an explosion, and Destroyon emerges.

As Destroyon emerges, he levitated them out of thin air, causing the three to land on the ships's roof. XR4Ti detected a huge malfunction on Roach's battleball, and shows the footage where Roach (as Destroyon) caused a havoc in the city. To prevent Roach from causing more damage, Mem and Zen suggests to subdue him in a device that was used in the opening scene, but not as easy as it seems. Destroyon levitated Mem and Zen, causing the aliens to be thrown off. Tyler, Shope, and Kevin are the ones left in the ship, in terror, along with Destroyon. Tyler and Shope made an plan on how they will lure Destroyon to the extracting machine, and they come up with a plan. Tyler suggests that if he takes over the world, who will be the lead actor in Roach's school play. Kevin states that he is the main character in the school play. Shope states that he will receives more applause and praise from the audience, due to his massive size and an awesome throne (which is the battleball extractor). Their plan worked out, as Destroyon sits in the extractor, thinking this is his throne, and XR4Ti locked him out. Their plan also turned out to be successful, as XR4Ti grabbed the green battleball, returning the Roach in normal condition.

Mem and Zen says that they will fix the green battleball like the red batttleball when it malfunctioned before they came to Earth. Shope asks where is Kevin, and Kevin emerges, as Adventicus, causing rumble in the ship.




  • The lab coats and the colors of the shirts and ties Mem and Zen wear with the coats over their armor is a reference to Johnny Test as characters Susan and Mary Test wear the same color shirts that Mem and Zen wore.
  • Kevin and Roach's battle balls have malfunctioning evil programs.

International Dates

  • United Kingdom - November 25, 2015
  • Philippines - February 22, 2016



Running Gags

  • Tyler, Kevin and Shope being too anxious and ruining Roach's activities.



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Transcript can be found here: When Good Noobs Go Bad/Transcripts