The Virus Warriors are an elite group of warriors that work for the Benevolent Alliance.


The main job of the virus warrior is to protect planets from virus infestations as well as to find those responsible for creating the virus and bring them to justice. They can be interpreted as a form of high level extraterrestrial cops due to the fact that another job of theirs is to arrest anyone who created the virus or are aiding the virus creators through spreading the virus to other planets as shown when Memnock and Zenblock arrested Count Venamus in Count Noob-a-Nus. Each virus warrior is given a battle ball, which is an orb that bestows special powers and abilities, morphs into anything that's desired, and protects them from normal strains of the virus. Many virus warriors are shown to work in groups with each group consisting of around two to four members and it is rare to fond a virus warrior that works solo. Many virus warriors also own their own ship to fly around to other planet in order to protect them from the virus. More experience virus warriors are called recruiters as they are purposed with finding more candidates in order to help fight the virus

Known Virus Warriors

  • Tyler
  • Kevin
  • Roach
  • Shope
  • Memnock
  • Zenblock
  • Rovu
  • Rovu's Recruits


  • The statement Memnock made in The Noobs-i-nators 2: Save The Earth! says that he couldn't have asked for Zenblock as a partner, implies that many virus warriors don't just work together based on whether they were recruited at the same time as some of them apparently assigned to work together by the benevolent alliance as seen when they tasked Memnock and Zenblock train the noobs. Many virus warriors are shown to work together as partners and the only virus warrior who is shown to be working solo is Rovu, as he is training two recruits by himself.
  • General Blorgon, Hedies, and Tecknut are heavily implied to be virus warriors too as they use the same powers from their Battle Balls.
  • Even though Virus Warriors are protected from normal strains of the virus through the battle balls. The apparently aren't protected from natural illnesses and disease as Memnock and Zenblock had Swink Eye and Kevin had the flu while they had their battle balls. Many virus warriors can still get infected with the virus if they consume it.

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