Hi to all the fellow readers, editors and everyone alike. I've been for only just a few days but I've been thinking of making a blog on my thoughts about this Wiki.

Seen it and hurts to look at

I've been getting "#eyeshurts" with the links on the infobox, the table of contents and the modules. It's quite hard to read and is really uncomfortable.

I would suggest the solution would be it's either the links (and the text-color) or the background (or background-color) property be changed.

To the Crat, Admins and Mods

I've been looking into your policies on vandalism on which I commend your efforts on it and the guidelines to learn on how this Wiki works of which I saw the guidelines filled mostly with red-links so I was for I while disappointed there. However I eventually found the guidelines in the forums. But I think it's harder to find than it is in the main page where it supposed to be. It would be more recommended if it were placed on the pages linked to Supernoobs Wiki:Guidelines.


The Wiki has its cracks and I would like to help, if I can. Also I ask this Wiki's Staff to put more commitment into this Project.

Also if you find this blog unconvincing or lacking just tell me and I'll shut up.

P.S.: The Staff Pages should be in the Project namespace not in the Main namespace.

~Signed RGL Victor The Great (talk) 06:44, March 6, 2016 (UTC)

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