Hello there! I, Cybershark631 made a blog post about Supernoobs. And it's not just about anything, it's about 40 Reasons to Love Supernoobs!

Well, on the internet, I found many people's reviews hate Supernoobs for any reasons (and by that I mean petty ones) like it was created by Scott Fellows, animation is low-quality, very boring outline, and so on and so forth.

To be honest, it wrecks my heart when someone hates Supernoobs. Like why do you hate Supernoobs?  

And so you know, I'm gonna start a blog about 40 Reasons to Love Supernoobs. 

Here's how it works (very easy and please NO HATE POSTS OR COMMENTS) :

a. There are forty blank spaces to be filled with reasons to love Supernoobs. REMINDER: NO HATES ALLOWED IN THIS BLOG. 

b. Everyone can comment their reasons why they love Supernoobs; One, two, five, ten or even forty, go for it!! (But I will review them thoroughly so just comment with caution!) 

Okay everyone, let's start! 

I'll start with 4 reasons so that everyone can get it.

Here's how the structure you all gonna use:

I love Supernoobs because (your reason) 

UPDATE: I'm gonna reduce it to 20 because I'm afraid that only 1% of the Supernoobs wikia population are joining this blog.

1. I love Supernoobs because the characters are bestfriends. 

2. I love Supernoobs because Memnock and Zenblock are more like the extremes (one friendly. and one snob) 

3. I love Supernoobs because their Battlesuits are cool! Not to mention their hair! 

4. I love Supernoobs because even though they have some disagreements, they don't end the friendship quickly. (They act maturely, even though they are twelve year-olds)

5. I love Supernoobs because the Noobs share voice actors with those of MLP: FiM characters.

6. I love Supernoobs because it's action-packed! 

7. I love Supernoobs because the fails give you the LOLs. 

8. I love Supernoobs because their battle suits look rad! Especially to Kevin and Tyler hehe!! 

9. I love Supernoobs because Mem and Zen are polar opposites.

10. I love Supernoobs because the Noobs make a great team in fighting the virus, and at the same time, keeping friendships intact.

11. i love Supernoobs because it is a great show.

12. I love Supernoobs because no matter how many times you watched a single episode or the whole season, it doesn't get boring at all.  

13. I love Supernoobs because I can watch some episodes (new or episodes that I don't know nor aired on Philippine feed) on YouTube than other shows.

14. I love Supernoobs because of Tyler"s mom. She is a great mother!

15. I love Supernoobs because of its theme song and also the tune when they say "GO BATTLEBALLS!!!"

16. I love Supernoobs because of Roach's antics. 

17. I love Supernoobs because Kevin is the troublemaker among the group. 

18. I love Supernoobs because I found out that Tyler and Kevin are shipped over the internet (and yep, those two are my favorite characters!)

19. I love Supernoobs because of Tyler - Amy ship, Tyler - Shope, Kevin - Shope, and one of my faves, Tyler - Kevin ship!

20. I love Supernoobs because it is the best cartoon show I ever watched.

Have fun everyone!


P.S: Email me at if you have any questions or just leave me a message at the message board!

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