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  • Cybershark631

    Random Blog 001

    February 17, 2017 by Cybershark631



    how are ya?

    did you have a great day?



    anyway, only one and a half mos. left, and it's summer vacay in my country....... finally........

    so, care to share how u feel? let me know in the comments section. :)

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  • Cybershark631

    New Episodes

    November 3, 2016 by Cybershark631

    Hello! I've just noticed that new episodes from Season 1B are uploaded on YouTube. According to a YouTube channel named "Equestria Girls" (just add the term Supernoobs after typing the channel name to find it), 8 new episodes were uploaded on the channel, namely:

    Noob Cave

    To Noob or Not to Noob

    Eyewitness Noob

    A Noob World Order

    Nooby Friday

    The Noob-i-nators 2: Save the Earth!

    The Supernoobs Super Cup Redux

    Noobs Go Viral

    This totals to 42 (not counting the Super Natural Noobs episode, because it was uploaded in Arabic Dub with no English Sub haha), and again, lacks the Happy Noob-o-Ween! episode.

    BTW, I also watched Supernoobs in Arabic Dub on YTube, and most of the episodes uploaded are the same. 

    I'm gonna watch the new episodes, and grab some s…

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  • Cybershark631

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  • Cybershark631

    Hello there! I, Cybershark631 made a blog post about Supernoobs. And it's not just about anything, it's about 40 Reasons to Love Supernoobs!

    Well, on the internet, I found many people's reviews hate Supernoobs for any reasons (and by that I mean petty ones) like it was created by Scott Fellows, animation is low-quality, very boring outline, and so on and so forth.

    To be honest, it wrecks my heart when someone hates Supernoobs. Like why do you hate Supernoobs?  

    And so you know, I'm gonna start a blog about 40 Reasons to Love Supernoobs. 

    Here's how it works (very easy and please NO HATE POSTS OR COMMENTS) :

    a. There are forty blank spaces to be filled with reasons to love Supernoobs. REMINDER: NO HATES ALLOWED IN THIS BLOG. 

    b. Everyone can comm…

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