Hello fellow Wiki-ers.

As you may or may not know, Andi is pretty inactive and is not responding to any bureaucrat requests, questions, etc, and due to her being the only bureaucrat on this wiki, thats a pretty big problem. So I decided to adopt this wiki only to promote Rainbowderp01 to bureaucrat, RGL Victor The Great to admin, and demote myself to support-admin. 

  • Rainbowderp01 to bureaucrat
  • RGL Victor The Great to admin
  • AquaTerra7 to support-admin

If you are not okay with these changes please leave a comment on this post, along with a reason why.

These changes are for the greater-good, yes its going to be a big change, but these changes are for the best. Right now the Wiki isn't in very good standing ranking-wise, and we need an active bureaucrat. 

Thank you,


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