The Supernoobs Super Cup is the twenty-eighth episode overall of the Supernoobs and twenty-eighth episode of the season.


The Noobs decide to see who's the best of the group by competing in a series of events in the first ever "Supernoob Super Cup."


Memnock and Zenblock are relaxing outside while enjoying a glass of lemonade. Mem admires the butterflies, but Zen does not.



International Dates

  • Philippines: July 5,2016


  • The Noobs play Slingshot Paintball for the first time since A Noob Hope.
  • The scene involving Mem and Zen relaxing on lounge chairs and drinking lemonade on a hot day is very similar to when they did the exact same thing in The Noobs Strike Back but instead of watching the Noobs fight virus monsters, they just relax and in the process, get pelted by several paintballs by the Noobs.



The Supernoobs Super Cup
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Transcripts can be found here: The Supernoobs Super Cup/Transcripts


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