The Noobs Strike Back is the second episode overall of Super Noobs and the second episode of the season. It aired November 3, 2015 in Canada and the UK, and December 7, 2015 in the US and topped the night with 1.3 million views.[1]


Mem and Zen take the Noobs to space so they can state their case to the Benevolent Alliance to keep their battleballs.


Memnock and Zenblock are sitting outside while drinking lemonade. Zenblock rated the lemonade a ten. Memnock also asked how they would rate the Noobs, and Zen gave a rating from three down to one. Zen saw the Noobs as terrible Earth Warriors, he stopped the infected goat and Mem extracted the virus. The Noobs ran away in fear, while the two aliens blame each other for picking them.

They went to Tyler's House, stating that the superhero thing is not working out. The Noobs quickly surrendered their Battle Balls, and Tyler states that having superhero powers is not as cool as it seems. Zenblock states that there is a side effect, and losing the Battle Balls will cause them to shrivel like rotten fruit.

The Noobs quickly grab their Battle Balls, and Zen says that he cannot win their battle for them, but the Noobs complement their awesome fighting styles, and Shope suggests them to live to a new house beside the street. Roach discovers Mem and Zen's human forms. Mem admitted that they look good on their human forms, but Mem suggests to recruit other Earth warriors and Zen said that the Earth Warriors are weak and puny, but the Noobs disagree and say that they cannot revoke their battleballs because they are terrible.

XR4Ti states that, according to Virus Mode Recruitment Law, recruiters can reassign battleballs from poor performing warriors or warriors that abuse the battleballs, but not from accidental recruits, unless the case is revered by the Benevolent Alliance. The Noobs and the aliens went to the Benevolent Alliance to know if they can keep their powers. After a series of individual tests, all of the Noobs failed, except Tyler, but he does not want to let his friends perish. They headed to the final test, which is defeating an infected alien creature, but they failed eventually. Mem and Zen cannot withstand them, and so they helped defeated the infected creature. Although Blorgon and the elders are not impressed on the Noobs' performance, they are impressed by Mem and Zen's bravery and care and protection, but Mem says that the Noobs are terrible, and Blorgon ordered them to stay on Earth to train them for the virus.

Mem and Zen show their disliking on Earth, especially on their human forms, and they screamed. The Noobs couldn't agree more on their screaming.



International Dates

  • Philippines - February 2, 2016


  • The title is a reference to the movie Star Wars: The Emperor Strikes Back.




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Transcript can be found here: The Noobs Strike Back/Transcripts


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