The Noobiest Place on Earth is the thirty-seventh episode of Super Noobs that first aired on the Philippines on July 15, 2016 on Cartoon Network.


The Funder Wunderland amusement park finally opens and the Noobs, Memnock, and Zenblock try to enjoy all the rides the park has to offer but their fun comes into a screeching halt when the park's mascots gets infected with the virus






  • This episode takes place in the Summer season with the "Funder Wunderland" theme park opened to the public.
  • The episodes title name is a pun on Walt Disney's phrase about Disneyland being " The Happiest Place On Earth"
  • The episode further touches upon Mem and Zen's love of rollercoasters as they were the first things on their mind when they got into the park

Running Gags

  • The main characters taking other rides and avoiding Count Dropula.



The Noobiest Place on Earth
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