Swink Eye (also called Zwink Eye) is a space oriented eye infection that only appeared in "License to Noob" The name of this disease is a pun on the eye condition, pink eye. Both Memnock and Zenblock became ill with this condition and as a result, they had to call off their training session with the Noobs due to blindness and possibly out of fear that the Noobs would catch the disease as well. The Noobs however volunteered to get Mem and Zen pharmeceutical eye drops that could only be bought in the Beta sector Galaxy. The typical Swink eye condition, unlike its real life counterpart is shown to deliver more severe symptoms to its hosts than regular pink eye as the symptoms included swelling of the eyes, itchiness, near temporary blindness, and discharge from the eyelids that consisted of a green substance that sometimes covered or encrusted the eyelids. It is unknown how this infection is transmitted but it is heavily implied to be extremely contagious and easily spread from person to person as Queen Beeanca was also infected with the condition along with her swarm troopers and she stated that all of her people caught the illness as well, which resulted in her swarm troopers having poor aim with their weapons and the disease was also shown to be capable of infecting many different alien species. Treatment for this condition consists of pharmaceutical nonpescribed eye drops located in the beta sector and these drops are shown to instantly cure those inflicted with the infection. Since the disease has been suggested to be transmitted very easily, it is implied that Mem and Zen got this infection through either catching it from a student with pink eye in Cornbury Middle School as Mem and Zen were shown to have constantly spied on the noobs while they were in class or on field trips, or they possibly caught is from a pandemic outbreak that started on the Bee Hive Planet as Queen Beeanca and all of her subjects and citizens had the Swink eye condition at the same time Mem and Zen had it.

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