S1 E9 the Noobs 4
Where Did It Go?
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Country Language Channel Premiere date Title Source
Canada English Teletoon/Cartoon Network 2016
United Kingdom & United States November 2, 2015 [1]
South Korea Korean 2016
France French July, 2016
Bulgaria Bulgarian December 2016
Romania Romanian
Germany German March 17, 2016 Supernoobs - Superkräfte aus Versehen [2]
Australia & New Zealand English February 1, 2015 Super Noobs [3]
Taiwan Mandarin Chinese August 8, 2016
Czech Republic Czech
Hungary Hungarian
Latin America Latin American Spanish Disney XD August 22, 2015
Brazil Brazilian Portuguese
Poland Polish Cartoon Network August 2016 Superciapy
"Super Noobs"
Middle East & South Africa English January 18, 2016 Super Noobs [5]
Philippines English February 1, 2016



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