Super Noob Suits is the third episode overall of Super Noobs and the third episode of the season. It aired November 4, 2015 in Canada and the UK, and December 8, 2015 in the US and topped the night with 1.1 million views.[1]


The Noobs decide they need superhero costumes to hide their identity.


Tyler, Shope, Kevin and Roach ran to the park to chase the Ice Cream Truck, turning out to be infected by the Virus. Wanting to stop the infected ice cream truck, they were about to use their Battleballs, only to be halted by Shope as they will see their identity if they did so. To hide their identities, The Noobs headed to the recycle bin to improvise disguises. Tyler, Shope and Roach wear aluminum foils, while Kevin, in paper bag on his head. Having problems in their costumes hindered their progress to stop the destruction.

In the news, Sue Newswoman reported the incident, and the Boy in Pink Hat witnessed the scene, stating that they have bad disguises. Kevin doesn't want to be called "Paper Bag Boy", because he is not a sidekick, and they are all equally bad, but Shope likes the aluminum foil disguises.

Memnock and Zenblock are finding ways to provide costumes for the Noobs like Supertights, which all of the Noobs don't like to wear it, but they needed to wear it to stop the destruction at the gas station. They headed to the gas station in Supertights, except Kevin. Another news report came, and the Boy in Pink Hat is in the news again, as he saw them saved the day, in their suits.

The Supertight idea came out bad, so Mem designed new costumes, with tiaras, but the Noobs disagree. Kevin decided to create his own costume and his own nickname, but XR4Ti strongly disagrees as it will potentially tear apart as a team, but Kevin doesn't want to lose.

They went to the Aquarium for their field trip, and a virus infected the sharks, causing panic and screams. This time, they have new suits, but Kevin and Shope find Tyler's costume wrong and disturbing. Roach's costume find it effective in disguising identities, and Shope's costume looks good but she stumbles accidentally because of her boots. The three don't say anything about Kevin's costume, and they are cornered by infected sharks. Mem and Zen came, thinking if they should save them, but the Noobs asked them to save them. Zen lured the sharks with his tuna disguise. Mem picked up the battleballs to the Noobs, and stating that they are a team, and they need to stick together and worry more about defeating the virus than how they will look. The Alliance had created a program (which is in memory card form) for their battleballs to have battlesuits. They are curious on how they look, like their hair color, but Zen, panting, says that it helps in their disguise.

They tried the new costumes, and Kevin's battlesuit produced a killer whale, and he is delighted about it. He halted the infected sharks, while Tyler extracted the virus. Shope fixed the aquarium by manipulating the water and forming the glass window, and Roach return the sharks back to the aquarium. They all liked their super costumes.

Another news report came. and the boy in pink hat is there again, witnessed the scene. They are called "Superdudes", and the Noobs are very happy, but Mem stopped the excitement because they would've been eaten if they didn't saved them. Zen states that until they cannot defeat the virus on their own, they will be known here as "Supernoobs". Kevin states that the Noobs looked awesome, but Mem said they could be look more awesome by wearing tiaras, and the Noobs run away.



Running Gags

  • Mem making jokes about having the noobs wear tiaras and commenting on how cool he thinks they look.

International Dates

  • United States - December 8, 2015
  • Philippines - February 3, 2016





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Transcript can be found here: Super Noob Suits/Transcripts


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