Stuff-A-Puppy is a store located in the Funder Wunderland mall. It is a store that primarly sells plush puppies that can be chosen, stuffed, given voice boxes, and outfitted with clothes designed for the toys. The store first appears in Noobs of the Round Table when General Blorgon bribes Memnock and Zenblock with gift certificates for one free plush puppy for each of them as Blorgon was secretly testing them on their responsibility with the Noobs. Memnock and Zenblock loved the store and the plush puppies they customized but they realized that Blorgon was testing them, which motivated them to get back to the restaurant to make sure the Noobs were okay. Mem and Zen eventually got to take the plush puppies they customized home with them and Blorgon, Hedies, Technut, and the Noobs each got a customized puppy from the store as well


  • Stuff-A-Puppy is a parody of the real life store Build-A-Bear Workshop as it does the same things Stuff-A-Puppy did.

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