Princess Parsa is a character in Supernoobs who only appears in "License to Noob".


Princess Parsa is an avenging princess who wanted the Noobs' help when taking back her home planet. She is strict but nice and confident about any obstacle. She becomes more sympathetic towards Queen Beeanca and her people after she discovered that Beeanca and all of her citizens were not evil tyrants but were infected with swink eye as a result of an outbreak, which slightly implies that Parsa was previously infected with swink eye at some point in her life, which most likely happened at her childhood as she knew what swink eye was and how to treat it.

Physical Appearance

Parsa wears a soldier costume and has purple hair. She also has maroon lips and blue eyes. She wears a crown with a diamond in the center. She also has light green skin and gold earrings.





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