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Nooby Friday is the fifty-first episode of Super Noobs.


An accident causes the Battle Balls to be misplaced among the Noobs while Mem and Zen attend a fancy party at Roach's house.


The Noobs are in the Cornbury Sewage System, complaining about the smell of the sewage. Tyler got a tip from XR4Ti that the virus is located in the sewage, and they must be on the lookout for any virus infection. Then, an infected goldfish appears, at risk of hurting the Noobs with its tail, and Tyler teleported the Noobs.

Tyler, using his mind-reading abilities, sensed that the fish does not want to be flushed in the toilet, which disgusts Shope, as she says he does not have to do that. Kevin suggests using blasters, but before Kevin could pull the trigger, Shope warns Kevin that using blasters can cause explosion, but Kevin ignores her and proceeds.

When Kevin pulled the trigger, an explosion occured in the sewage, and everyone landed on grass, and so did they argue about using blasters. Roach noticed Tyler floating, and Shope says that why he has Roach's ball. Kevin asks why she has Tyler's, Roach asks why she has Shope's, and he asked himself why he has Kevin's, which delights Roach as he wanted to shapeshift into animals. They went to the Galacticus, only to find out Mem and Zen aren't around, as XR4Ti says that they are in Roach's house.

Memnock and Zenblock, in Bob and Rob forms, went to Roach's house. Roach's parents offered them small foods, which asks Zen to Roach's parents about Roach's small height, and proceeds to eat all of the tray's contents. Roach's parents are quite alarmed in Zen's behavior, and Mem jokingly tells them that he jests. Zen's watch, which functions as an alarm system, rang, and Zen dropped a small sandwich to hide the two in a table, asking Mem to go back to the Galacticus, but Mem says that it's rude to leave without ending formally the party. They are found by Roach's parents, and they are asked not to leave the party to play charades, as it is considered to be rude if they leave immediately.

Back in the Galacticus, XR4Ti tried to extract Kevin's (which is in the possession of Roach) battleball, Shope constantly teleporting around the ship, and Tyler, still floating. Kevin angrily asks Shope to stop teleporting, only to summon stone hands, which angers Kevin more. XR4Ti's plan of extracting the ball turn out to be a failure, and Roach is transformed into an egg. The three are arguing about their superpowers of others, and Tyler says that he has Roach's powers, and he will stop the infected goldfish by himself,




  • This episode's title name is a pun on the comedy film, Freaky Friday.
  • Zenblock claims that Roach's short height is due to the small fancy food he is eating.
  • In this episode, Kevin has Shope's powers, Roach has Kevin's powers, Shope has Tyler's powers, and Tyler has Roach's powers.

Running Gags

  • Roach burning Kevin with fire breath.
  • Kevin causing an explosion.
  • Mem and Zen continuously eating fancy food.



Nooby Friday
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