Noobies vs. Smoothies is the fourth episode overall of Super Noobs and the fourth episode of the season. It aired November 5, 2015 and topped the night with 1.3 million views.[1]


Tyler goes on a date with Amy Anderson to the new smoothie shop, when an active yogurt culture smoothie becomes infected with the virus.


The scene starts with the Noobs, walking around the school. Kevin is talking about underwear flaps. like he used it once because it was there; and Tyler, suggests to stop worrying about underwear flaps. Tyler saw Amy Anderson around the hallway, feeling in love. Shope suggest him to take her on a smoothie shop so that they can focus on their date, and at the same time, look out for any virus infection, but Tyler states that they must stay invisible and their superpowers should not be exposed to anyone.

Also, Tyler states that they must stay out of trouble and prevent themselves from getting unwanted attention. Principal Wormeramer calls all four of them to proceed to the principal's office, which turns out the Principal to be Zenblock, and the real one, frozen.



International Dates

  • Philippines - February 4, 2016




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Transcript can be found here: Noobies vs. Smoothies/Transcripts


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