Noobie Mama is fourty-third episode of Super Noobs.


A new strain of The Virus causes the Noobs to get literally sucked into their video game system, where they are relentlessly pursued by the Candy Mama characters.


The scene starts with Memnock and Zenblock explaining the different types of virus they might face, and potentially create havoc on Earrth. Kevin shows to them the flu virus that infected him, which disgusts the Noobs. Zenblock grabbed all of the Noobs' phones, while Memnock explains to them a new strain of virus, which is the cyber virus, which infected another sector, causing the weapons to shoot on its own, and sucks beings on a virtual world. Kevin find it amazing, but Mem contradicted it, as after the Alliance had multiple battles with Venamus, the creators might attack them, thereby Zenblock reminding them to steer clear from all electronic devices, and asking the Noobs to leave for they are practicing basketball.

At Tyler's house, Kevin is about to play video games, but Shope halted him for they are worried about the cyber virus attacking on them. Kevin made a deal to them to put their battleballs aside, to play Candy Mama, after Shope halting Kevin to play the two previously mentioned games, Super War Torn Chief Battle 12, and Lava Planet 9. Shope finally joined them to play video games.

Back at the Galacticus, XR4Ti explains to Mem and Zen the rules of the basketball, which they are currently playing at the moment. As they start playing, Zen was about to shoot the ball, only blocked by Mem, but Zen liked what he did. However, XR4Ti warns them that the cyber virus is attacking, and XR4Ti infected first, causing XR4Ti to attack Mem and Zen.

While the Noobs are busy playing Candy Mama, the Cyber Virus landed on the console. Memnock called Tyler, warning them to shut off all electronic devices. This causing a malfunction and turned Oakie and Dokie evil, and they are sucked into the game. This causes the Noobs to panic because, first, they don't have their battleballs, and second, Oakie and Dokie grew large, and they start attacking them. They escaped, and they are trapped into the games' worlds. They are chased by Oakie and Dokie, in War Torn Chief gear, and they are about to destroy the Noobs.

Memnock and Zenblock run fast, only to be stopped by their ship (which was after XR4Ti infected by the virus first). They were about to be destroyed, but Mem and Zen managed to stop XR4Ti, and the Galacticus wrecked. Then, they went to Tyler's house, the Noobs are at the TV, being chased by Candy Mama characters. While the Noobs are hiding so that they are not being chased again, Tyler found a hole and asked them to hide inside it. They landed to the Quark's place, and the leader of the Quark gave them a crystal to remove the lava and making the Quarks live normally. They returned back to the lava world, only to be caught by Oakie and Dokie and be eaten by some sort of lava monster, and they are about to be killed, but some sort of blaster hit Oakie and Dokie, and that is Mem and Zen playing video games. After that, a rover appeared, and the Noobs ride on it, and landing on the chamber to place the crystal. The lava-infested world is now changed to a forest. They made it, but again, Oakie and Dokie are still there, trying to destroy the noobs, but a bunch of Quarks emerged and help defeated the two Candy Mama characters. The leader of the Quarks thanked them, and now, he created a portal to help the Noobs go back to their planet. They successfully went back to Tyler's home, and Memnock extracted the virus, which is in the game console.

The Noobs are exhausted, and because of the havoc they experienced inside the game, they had enough playing video games, and Mem and Zen invited them to play basketball, only Mem and Zen playing with their ridiculous manners. Shope suggest them to go back to Tyler's to have a break.



Running Gags

  • Kevin insisting that they keep using electronics and ignoring Mem and Zen's warning on it.
  • Mem and Zen using their extractor guns to fry each other up during their basketball game.


  • The Cyber Virus is introduced.
  • Candy Mama characters' names are revealed.
  • The episode name is possibly a pun on the comedy film " Baby Mama" but it is also a reference to the candy mama video game in the show.



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