Noob Sitters is the twenty-fourth episode overall of Super Noobs and the twenty-fourth episode of the season. It aired on January 6, 2015 in the US.


The Noobs try to prove that they are responsible people to Mem and Zen by babysitting the child of a couple who has recently moved into the neighborhood but things get difficult when the baby accidentally ingests the virus. Menwhile, Mem and Zen, who are having trouble blending in with society and agreeing on certain things, try to prove to the Noobs that they can adapt to Earth standards and make better agreements by inviting the new couple over for a meal.





International Dates

  • United Kingdom - December 22, 2016
  • Philippines - March 3, 2016

Running Gags

  • Mem and Zen arguing and fighting.
  • Mem and Zen wrecking things and lying about it to the news network.


  • This episode slightly foreshadows "A Noob Divided Cannot Noob!" as it shows Memnock and Zenblock arguing and disagreeing over minor things such as groceries. This heavily implies that their friendship is rapidly deteriorating only for it to be completely ruined 2 episodes later but restored at the ending.
  • A running gag in this episode features Mem and Zen wrecking something such as a grocery store aisle and a delivery truck and then lying about it to the news network in their Bob and Rob disguises.
  • Despite Mem having an interest in cooking, he messes up the dinner he has with Zen and the new neighbors due to him not knowing what chicken was, which implies that Mem is not as skilled in some areas of cooking as previously thought.


  • The Noobs continuously refer to the baby as both "he" and "it", not keeping true to a single pronoun.
  • The baby's parents are seen riding a blue car, then riding a different car upon return and the blue car is parked instead of the purple car.



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Transcript can be found here: Noob Sitters/Transcripts


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