Noob Kids on the Block is the seventh episode overall of Super Noobs and the seventh episode of the season. It aired November 11, 2015 and topped the night with 1.8 million views.[1]


The glee club becomes infected with the elimination virus and the Noobs must battle it in a sing and dance off.


The Noobs are seen looking at the Cornbury Middle School's bulletin board to see the events going on the the clubs to join and try to decide what they should participate in. However, they realize that the principal has signed all four of them up into the Cornbury signing and dancing contest and they would have to compete against the members of the Glee Club. The Glee club then arrives and starts harassing and bullying the Noob, continuously throwing them into lockers and insulting their dance moves, arrogantly stating that they are better than the noobs. The Noobs then decide to start practicing for the upcoming competition.

Meanwhile, a meteor arrives, crashes in Cornbury, and out of it comes a black colored organism that looks similar to the normal forms of the virus. At Mem and Zen's house, the alarm built into the house by the Benevolent Alliance goes off, awakening and startling Mem and Zen, who decided to sleep in late in their own beds. They rush to the living room and contact the Benevolent Alliance leaders while Mem, embarrassed about the fact that he and Zen slept in late until the afternoon and that they had to report to their superior officers while they were still in their pajamas, badly lies to General Blorgon about it, while Zen struggles to stay awake as he is obviously still tired. General Blorgon ignores Mem's poorly crafted lie and proceeds to tell Mem and Zen about the black colored organism that crash landed, which is called the elimination virus, Mem and Zen are ordered to prepare the noob for the new strain of the virus as this form of the virus infects people but lets them retain their free will until a certain time, making that strain undetectable in the hosts until it has chosen when to emerge out of its dormant state in its hosts. Mem and Zen head over to the Galacticus to inform the Noobs of the elimination virus, only to find the Noobs practicing for their dance competition all over the main control room, which annoys and angers Zen. They inform the Noobs of the threat and tells them to stay vigilant during the competition. Roach however, tries to show Mem and Zen the joys of Earth dancing before leaving the Galacticus. Mem later decides to goof around and try out Earth dancing by dancing on top of one of the tables on the Galacticus, but Zen catches Mem in this acts and lectures him for the goofiness he is showing. However, Mem says that he is enjoying the moves and decides to challenge Zen to a dance off to see who out of the two of them is the better dancer, which Zen accepts. XR4Ti suggests that they postpone their planned contest to search for the elimination virus but they ignore her, and start the contest while XR4Ti decides to do the detection herself. Mem and Zen give it their all in their dancing doing it in the meadows and even in space but both they eventually collapse at the same time from exhaustion, leaving no winner while XR4Ti tells them that she has found the elimination virus in Cornbury Middle School.

The Noobs are seen in the main auditorium in Cornbury Middle School preparing for their performance while the Principal announces the Glee Club's is about to star their performance. The glee club enters the stage and starts to sing but their eyes unexpectedly turns red and they start speaking in a robotic accent, which reveals that they were all infected with the elimination virus and they attack the Noobs while they were sitting in the audience chairs. The Noobs dodge the attack and the virus infected glee club teleport to the lighting control room so they would gain vantage point over the Noobs. The Noobs decide to incorporate their battle ball powers into their dancing to fight the glee club and maintain their performance and eventually succeed when they block and reflect a laser attack from the glee back and aim it right back towards them in the lighting control room, which knocks all of the glee club out cold. The audience cheers and the Noobs are crowned the winners of the competition. Mem and Zen teleport to the lighting control room and are impressed by the fact that the Noobs won the contest and defeated the elimination virus by themselves at the same time and Mem and Zen proceed to extract the elimination virus from the Glee Club, returning them back to normal.




International Dates

  • United States - December 10, 2015
  • Philippines - February 9, 2016


  • This episode marks the first song in the series.
  • This episode introduces the Elimination Virus.
  • This episode gives out the first hints that Memnock and Zenblock have sleeping troubles and bad sleeping habits as they slept in late until the afternoon and Zen still showed signs of being tired. These hints were later touched upon in A Noob Divided Cannot Noob!.




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Transcript can be found here: Noob Kids on the Block/Transcripts


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