The Knights Of The Round Table Restaurant is a restaurant that made its first appearance in Noobs of the Round Table. It is located in the Funder Wunderland mall.


This restaurant is a medieval themed barbecue restaurant where customers get to eat their food off the bone and watch many reenactments of knight joust and sword fighting. General Blorgon, Headees, and Technut chose to go into that restaurant with the Noobs and Memnock and Zenblock in order to explore Earth culture and have fun there as well as have lunch there even though the Noobs were suspicious of the benevolent alliance leaders as they believe that they wanted to go to that restaurant just to have fun rather than to test the noobs. The restaurant fell victim to a virus attack and several of the jousting actors became infected with the virus. The Noobs try to battle them but struggle to defeat them until the benevolent alliance leaders intervene and defeat all of the virus infected actors.

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