Jock Jockerson is a recurring character in Supernoobs.


Jock is a very self-centred person and enjoys picking on the Noobs. He loves sports, especially football. He is egotistical and is very popular. He is however quite stupid and known to be honest, while also admitting when the Noobs do something to surprise him.

Physical Appearance

Jock is a handsome, young teen. He has golden, blonde hair with lighter streaks and he has fair skin. Jock is muscular and has a strong chin. He often wears a red jacket with cream, white sleeves. If he isn't wearing that then he is known to wear a mainly red t-shirt with white and navy stripes with the number '8' on it.His underwear is a pair of whities, Jock also wears light brown jeans and green and white sneakers.


Jock & The Supernoobs

Jock and the supernoobs don't get along very well. He seems to pick on them for fun.


  • He is one of the three people to be infected by the virus, the other two being Jessie and Stacy.
  • Out of all the noobs, he hates Kevin the most and hates Shope the least.


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