I Know You Noob is the thirty-ninth episode of Super Noobs.


The Noobs are caught by three little girls battling the virus without their battlesuits and get blackmailed. Mem and Zen try to help the Noobs escape their situation but they end up getting blackmailed as well.





Running Gags

  • Mem and Zen's memory eraser malfunctioning on them, giving them amnesia and making them afraid of humans in the process
  • The thre Emmas showing their cell phones in their threats towards the noobs


  • The memory eraser and restorer is a reference to the one used in the film Men In Black.
  • The way Mem carries Zen when they both get scared after accidentally using the memory eraser on themselves is possibly a reference to Scooby Doo as Shaggy carries Scooby in a similar way when they get terrified. The way Men and Zen freak out and run is also a Scooby Doo reference
  • The three Emmas are possibly a reference and a parody of the three Erics from the novel Sideway Stories from Wayside School by Louis Sachar.



I Know You Noob
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