How to Use Your Noob is the twenty-fifth episode overall of Supernoobs and the twenty-fifth episode of the first season.


The Noobs discover that they can turn their battleballs into whatever they desire.


During a training session with Mem and Zen, the Noobs feel a little unappreciated towards Mem and Zen in terms of how they think of them with them voicing out about how restricted they feel on being virus warriors. They leave the Galacticus to figure out other fun things to do while Mem and Zen are left thinking on what to do about the Noobs' happiness.

The Noobs later accidentally discover that their battle balls can be turned into toys that they could use for their own personal use. Despite the fact that they know explicitly from Mem and Zen that they should not use their battle balls for personal gain but they decide to have a little fun and relax.

Meanwhile, Zen is seen making some repairs on the Galacticus and Mem comes up with the idea to throw a small appreciation party for the Noobs to get their spirits up and show them that Mem and Zen do appreciate their hard work and effort although Zen opposes the idea until he blows a party whistle, which makes him like the noise it makes. They get to work on preparations for the party.

The Noobs continue to have fun with their battle balls. Tyler manipulates his battle ball into a hoverboard that he uses to skate on. Kevin manipulates his battle ball into a helmet that modulates his voice to make it sound awesome. However, Kevin runs into trouble when he goes to the Cornbury convenience store to buy a drink and some candy and he ends up intimidating the cashier through the sound of the voice, which prompts the cashier to give Kevin a sack of cash and Kevin goes out of store and realizes that the police are pursuing him because they mistake him for a robber. Shope meanwhile, manipulates her battle ball into a robot dog that she uses to take walks but the dog gets a mind of its own and goes on a rampage. Roach uses his battle ball to mold into into household appliances but when he manipulates it into a lawn mower, it also gains a mind of its own and starts attacking the neighborhood lawns.

Mem and Zen are in the middle of preparations for the appreciation party when XR4Ti notifies them of the Noob misusing their battle balls while showing them footage from the news about this. This worries Mem and Zen as they did not know that the battle balls could be manipulated into toys, which should not be done by virus warriors. They go into their Bob and Rob disguises in order to put a stop to the chaos but they manipulate their own battle balls into hoverboards like Tyler did and head to the town to rescue the Noobs.

Mem and Zen run into Tyler first while telling him to deactivate his battle ball to normal, which he does. They fetch Shope and Roach while they manage to stop their battle balls from the rampage they were going on. They have a bit more trouble with Kevin, who gets cornered by the police as he led them on a wild goose chase. The group manages to dodge Kevin just before he is about to get trapped in a net by one of the cops. The cops chase after the group but they manage to shake the cops off. Afterwards, Mem and Zen surprise the Noobs with the party while telling them of how appreciative they are of the Noobs' slow development of their experience and commitment to stopping the virus. Mem and Zen decide to cut the party short to do some fun things on their own and go into their Bob and Rob forms again while telling the noobs that they should learn an important lesson about not misusing their battle balls or use them as toys. However, Mem and Zen manipulate their battle balls into helmets like Kevin did. Mem and Zen head into coffee shop and flirt with a couple of girls there but they end up intimidating the cashier with the sound of their voice, which prompts the cashier to give Mem and Zen a sack of cash, causing them to make the same mistake Kevin made. The episode ends abruptly with Mem and Zen being pursued by the police.



International Dates

  • Philippines - March 4, 2016


  • Kevin's voice modulation helmet may be a nod to Star Wars' famous villain, Darth Vader. Kevin's line, "Join us, Tyler. Join the fun side." even alludes to the Dark Side from the films.
  • Kevin's line "Don't net me, bro" is a reference to the famous video of a college student getting shocked by a taser, saying "Don't tase me, bro!"
  • Electronic Device Mart TVs reveal scenes of "a western" from Parent Teacher Noobs, football tryouts from Fourth Down and Noob to Go, chipmunk from Curb Your Noob and the BattleNutz 4 video game commercial from Go Noob Outside.




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