Go Noob Outside is the fifth episode overall of Super Noobs and the fifth episode of the season. It aired November 6, 2015 and topped the night with 1.8 million views.[1]


The Noobs use their battleballs to earn money to buy the new BattleNutz 4 video game.




International Dates

  • Philippines - February 5, 2016


  • Candy Mama is a possible parody of the Nintendo DS game, Cooking Mama.
  • Battlenutz 4 is a possible parody of the Xbox video game series, "Halo".
  • It is implied in this episode that Memnock and Zenblock develop a crush on the female characters of Candy Mama as evidenced by the looks on their faces when they were looking at the game cover and commenting on it and the main character shown on the cover. They had the same look when they were actually playing the game. This implication is later touched upon in Noobie Mama when Zenblock mentions both of the main characters of that game by name in a happy tone when he is trying to rescue the Noobs from Oakie and Dokie, who turned evil after they get infected with the Cyber Virus. Its unclear which of the girls either Memnock and Zenblock are attracted to specifically but the looks Memnock and Zenblocks faces when they play the tame for the first time imply that they show some attraction to them.




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Transcript can be found here: Go Noob Outside/Transcripts


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