Extreme Virus Warriors is a mega popular alien reality TV show that probably originated in Memnock and Zenblock's home planet and it is shown to be one of their favorite TV shows. The show made its appearance in "Noob Tube". The show revolves around the personal lives of the virus recruiters and their students and recruiters like Rovu appeared on the show. Memnock and Zenblock claimed that the show was watched by everyone in the universe, emphasizing its high popularity as they were trying to make their students, the Noobs look like great warriors when they found out that they were going to be featured on the show because they did not want to get humiliated on intergalactic television. Other people like General Blorgon are also shown to be fans of the show.


  • Extreme Virus warriors seems to borrow elements and tropes from other real life reality TV shows such as The Real World and Survivor as the show delves into the personal lives of virus warrior and students and the show makes any Virus fighting look like challenges
  • Its implied that due to its name, Extreme Virus Warrior has the targeted audience of male viewers. However, Memnock claims that nearly everyone in the universe watches the show, heavily implying that it is watched by a lot of people outside of the targeted audience.

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