Count Venamus is a secondary antagonist in Supernoobs.

Physical Apppearance

He has dark turquoise skin with an odd-shaped head with tusks similar to an elephant, he wears a drak grey suit and boots.


Count Venamus is evil but rather hilarious and somewhat incompetent. He is destined to be always on top of evil and will do anything to destroy the noobs and take over the universe.

He appears to show the noobs very little attention, such as in Noobot vs. Venabot, in which he gets easily distracted by Kevin and Shope and gets tackled down by the noobs while using his giant robot to crush their spaceship. He becomes obsessed with destroying the Noobs and Mem and Zen after they expose his identity at the Virus Recruiter of The Year awards. He likes working for the Virus Creator but it is unknown why he is working for the virus creator in the first place. He frequently gets frustrated at his minions for their staggering incompetence and even hates Roach for frequently annoying him and for constantly ruining his plans.



S1 E13 Count Venamus 2
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