S1 E25 Mem and Zen 7

The Cornbury Coffee Shop is a place that made its only appearance in the ending scene of How to Use Your Noob. It is unknown what the real name of this shop is.


This coffee shop was where Memnock and Zenblock in their human disguises, went to in the ending of How to Use Your Noob to buy some coffee while they decided to manipulate their battle balls into voice modulator helmets while in the store. They first use the helmets to flirt with two ladies who happened to be at the coffee shop as Mem looked at one of the ladies and Zen asked both of them what they thought of his and Mem's "amazing voices" The girls looked attracted to Mem and Zen's modulated voices but it ended up intimidating the cashier, who in a terrified way asked them to not cause trouble and he ended up giving Mem and Zen a sack of money. Mem and Zen end up making the same mistake Kevin made when he did a similar thing in the same episode, which led to Mem and Zen being chased by police after they leave the shop.

Memnock and Zenbloc in Cornbury Coffee shop-000:26

Memnock and Zenbloc in Cornbury Coffee shop-0


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