Bureaucrats have the power to demote/promote users. If you wish to have a rank on this Wiki come to them.

Our Bureaucrats

Andi Cruz

Bureaucrat Since: December 22, 2014
Contact: Andi Cruz


Bureaucrat Since: May 10, 2016
Contact: Rainbowderp01


Becoming a Bureaucrat

If you wish to become a Bureaucrat you are expected to fit the requirements below. If you have the requirements, put your name in the requests section and our staff will consider your request.

  • Must have been on this Wiki for 6+ months or have 1,000+ edits.
  • Have at least 500+ edits.
  • Very Active
  • Have no recent blocks/bans.
  • Have no blocks lasting more than 1 week.
  • Have a good record of being nice to users.

Request to be a Bureaucrat

Put your name in the requirements folder below and wait for staff to make their decision.


Username: (USERNAME HERE),


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