From left to right, Tyler's, Shope's, Kevin's, and Roach's battle balls.

Battle Balls are objects used to activate the gang's power to defeat villains. It is known as a power-up so they can defeat villains in their path.


A few years ago, battle balls were used by Virus Warriors such as Memnock and Zenblock as the Virus was recently unleashed. It is unknown who created the first battle ball but it is implied to be a member of Mem and Zen's species as their battle balls look vastly different from that of other virus warriors ands seem to be prototypes. In addition, there is an elderly ball master who can repair and upgrade battle balls. Millions of people were recruited to be virus warriors, including Mem and Zen as they were recruited by an unknown master.

Mem and Zen were eventually partnered up by the Benevolent Alliance for the mission of bringing down the virus once and for all. They were tasked by the Benevolent Alliance to recruit powerful soldiers and warriors from Earth when the virus was starting to infect many of its organisms. Things started to go awry for both Mem and Zen when they reached earth as the first thing they saw that they interpreted as soldiers were four kids wearing paintball gear and playing paintball with their names being Kevin, Shope, Tyler, and Roach. Mistaking them as potential allies for the fighting against the virus' threat, they gave the Noobs power balls and ended up scaring them in the process. Seeing their error for mistaking them as warriors and later having a few observations on the human kids who turned up neither mature nor ready for their job against the virus' threat, Memnock and Zenblock felt that they couldn't trust the human kids to defeat the virus. They tried to get the Benevolent Alliance to revoke the battle balls from the four children in an attempt to correct their mistake but could not do so and they were tasked with taking care of the four kids while training them until they proved that they were capable of fighting the virus on their own. The battle balls have powers that prove to be beyond anyone's imagination as they have powers such as mind reading, control over natural elements, transfiguration, and flight. They can also be transformed into anything of their wielder's desires such as a sword, an extractor gun, and a hoverboard. The battle balls are also capable of doing things that those who wield them do not even know about. They are also revealed to protect its users from very deadly blows and situations through generating a strong force field but this depletes the ball's energy and makes it inactive for some time until it fully recharged. However these weapons have a cost for wielding them as it can mutate anyone's DNA and require them to have the balls in their possession at all times or else they will shrivel up like fruit.

Flaws And Weaknesses

While Battle Balls give individuals in possession of them superhuman abilities and provide them immunity from the virus, the battle balls are shown to have several flaws and weaknesses. Despite the fact that the battle balls provide immunity to people from the virus, that immunity is briefly negated if that individual contracts any natural illness as shown when Memnock And Zenblock got infected with the virus after becoming sick with the flu in “Fluper Noobs” despite the fact that they still had their battle balls at the time. Even worse, battle balls do not provide individuals immunity from natural illnesses like the flu and swink eye. Battle balls are also shown to be water proof and capable of being used underwater, they can break if they get corroded by substances like paint as shown when the Noobs painted their battle balls and end up breaking them.

Color variants


  • The Battle Balls are most likely a reference and homage to keyblades from the video game series Kingdom Hearts as like battle balls, keyblades can transform into other weapons and vehicles and enhance their users abilities and powers. The battle sword used by virus warriors is also a kingdom hearts reference.
  • In Noobies vs. Smoothies, the users can't get the virus when their battleballs are implanted. However Tyler ingested the virus creature in the smoothie inside him and somehow not being infected.